Les Écrits d'Aimé Césaire
Biobibliographie commentée (1913-2008)

Freedom Time

Title : Freedom Time
Creator : Wilder, Gary
Publisher : Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press
Date : 2015
Language : anglais/English
Description : The author analyzes the political thought of Senghor and Césaire by ‘unthinking’ traditional views of the two men. His goal is to ‘think with them’ in order to understand how they attempted to reconfigure rather then eliminate ‘imperial domination.’ Senghor proposed a federal relationship with France that would be “much higher than independence.” His utopian project contrasted with Césaire’s more realistic goal of creating equality through departmentalization, a project undermined very early by the French government. Although their programs for self-determination without state authority were untimely, Wilder argues that it is essential to take a more nuanced approach to their thinking that goes beyond stereotypes. TH
Subject : politique/politics
Format : livre/book, 15x22 cm., 384 pages
Identifier : 9780822358503


Wilder, Gary, “Freedom Time,” Les Écrits d'Aimé Césaire, accessed January 22, 2018, http://lesecritscesaire.libraries.psu.edu/items/show/68.


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